and Hand-wash Stations
Our Restrooms arrive fully stocked, refreshingly clean & sanitized upon delivery. We offer several choices to select from to ensure the best portable sanitation for your needs:

We use the durable "Tuff - Jon"  porta-pot,  made in Evansville, Indiana by T.S.F. Company. Inc. for construction and basic events. It has extra leg-room, comes with 2-ply toilet paper,  a 3-way fragrance enhancement system. Event Restrooms are "like new".  Construction potties are cleaned, hand dried, pumped & restocked weekly. 
Our Standard Event Restroom is a top quality unit, made in Georgia by PolyPortables. It is popular for Weddings & Assorted Social Functions. Delivered with 2-ply Toilet Tissue,  Self- Contained Fresh Water Foot Pump Sink, Water, Paper Hand Towels, Spray Lotion Soap, 3-Way Fragrance Enhancement System, Mirror,  &  Coat Hook.  
​Our most spacious, (5' x5') High-End Restroom is a favorite for Private Functions demanding the most in luxury & is placed  completely   ready-to-go with Lighting,        Super-Plush Toilet Tissue, Self-Contained Fresh Flush Toilet, Self-Contained Fresh Water Foot Pump Sink, Water,  3-Way Fragrance Enhancement System, Spray Lotion Hand Cleanser,  "Take-a-Seat" Spray Toilet Seat Sanitizer, Paper Hand Towels, Waste Paper Basket, Purse/Coat Hooks, a Full Length Mirror, Extra Large Door, & easily accessable ground level entrance.  
Anytime extra room is desired,  this Handicap unit can serve a multitude of occasions for family or community activities. As with all of our portable toilets, it arrives ready, & fully stocked with 2-Ply Toilet Tissue, Hand Sanitizer, 3 Hand Support Bars,  3-Way Fragrance Enhancement System, & has an  Extra-Large  Door with Pneumatic Assist Closer. It sits ground level for easy Wheel Chair, or Stroller access. 
This "Tuff-Jon" Single Unit Free Standing Sink is made in Indiana by  T.S.F. inc.   It has a deep basin, a  "Hands Free" foot operated pump, is fully self- contained, & is delivered stocked with Fresh Water, Paper Towels, & Hand Soap. 
Inside Sink
Inside Sink
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